Are you suffering from ‘Tech Neck’?

“Tech neck,” the act of stressing muscles while using phones, tablets, laptop and computers, resulting in neck and shoulder pain, stiffness, and soreness, is a problem that’s getting worse.

Wouldn’t be great to create a portable ergonomic workstation, when you are working from home, at your workplace or on the go, to avoid injuries driven from Tech Neck? Just have your external keyboard and computer mice ready to complete your ergonomic setup.

See, when you place your laptop on a surface, you’ll find you’re having to look down to look at the screen. The weight of your head hanging forward places a huge amount of strain on the spine which, over time, can cause aches, pains and even long-term injuries.

If you care about your long-term wellbeing then this is a great ergonomic laptop stand for you. It has built-in storage solution to tuck away your personal belongings too, so no clutter on your desk.

A great laptop stand for school, college and university students.

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