Prevent digital eye strain by just a simple 20:20:20 technique

Do you know you can prevent digital eye strain by just a simple 20 20 20 technique?

So the 20:20:20 technique rules are:

👀 Every 20 minutes
👀 Take a 20 seconds break
👀 Look at something 20 feet away

As you are reading this post, can you apply this technique and practice it with me? How do you feel now, better? Promise, you will continue to do it for your own health benefits?

Generally, I dim my laptop brightness to a comfortable reading level, so it doesn’t strain my eyes. Do you? Not only it is great for the eyes but also good for the environment

Also, my laptop is set to the right viewing height so my posture is straight. No hurting my neck muscles. My head position is straight and not looking down or leaning over to read/write.

See, just a few simple techniques/tweaks can make a massive difference in your working style. They are great to improve the quality of your working life.