Healthy and Safety

Returning to Work Safety Hygiene Screen

Gradually, you will be looking to welcome your employees at your workplace. What types of safety measures you will be taking for their safety and protection?

Have you thought about Hygiene Screens? Do you know you can return these screens after 2 years and get half of your money back?

We are now taking bookings to supply and install these hygiene screens at your workplace. These screens are designed to fit perfectly on a monitor arm (single or double). Giving your staff protection whilst they look smart. Much better than the dangling screens, no need to draw holes and better safety.

We can also supply and install,

✔ Ergonomic Chairs
✔ Sit-Stand Desks (Single motor and Dual motor)
✔ Monitor Arms (Single monitor or Double monitor)
✔ Cable Management System
✔ Desk Accessories (Keyboard, Mice, Docking Stations etc)

If you are an office fit out company then we can supply you with all the products or we can be a part of your office project.

Give our office a call on 0161 726 5007 or DM me here!

So what are your safety plans?