Maternity Ergonomic Chair

During pregnancy, the spine has to alter its shape to accommodate the growing child and this can cause a varying degree of discomfort for the impending mother.

Specially designed to address many of the associated discomforts felt during Pregnancy

Standard features include;

  1. Micro controls situated at seat level, choice of right or left-handed operation.
  2. 60mm high Pocket springs encased in high-quality foam seat
  3. inflatable lumbar support
  4. inflatable thoracic support.
  5. Five options on the size of the seat all with integral seat slide.
  6. 10mm, memory foam seat & back topper
  7. Height, width, depth and angle adjustable arm
  8. Neck Rest that is fully adjustable for height, depth and angle
  9. OPTIONAL Coccyx cut-out Zone
  1.  Crampis common in legs feet and lower back due to increased pressure on the buttocks. (. Item 2 above Pocket springs reduce pressure on the pelvic girdle and buttocks by spreading the increasing weight of the user more evenly)
  2. Sciatica…is also common, creating severe pain in lower back, buttocks and down one or both legs (Remedy… Items 2+3 above.. Pockets springs by reducing and more importantly equalising the pressure on the pelvic girdle and inflatable lumbar to support the increased ‘hollow” to the lower back and impingement of the sciatic nerve.
  3. Neck and Shoulder Pain… Extra pressure on the lumbar spine can change the normal “S” shape of the spine particularly in the cervical spine increasing neck and shoulder pain. (Remedy…Items 4, 6,7 & 8 abovean inflatable thoracic support can be adjusted simply to support the spines changing shape, memory foam topper will bring more comfort to the chair back and most importantly the height depth and angle adjustable arms will support the arms whilst carrying out typing and mouse work therefore reducing the stress on the trapezius muscles. The neckrest allows for the weight of the head and neck to be supported, reducing stress.)
  4. Varicose Veins & Haemorrhoids.. During pregnancy, the amount of blood increases to help support the developing baby, this puts extra strain on the veins. Increased hormone levels also cause the muscular walls of the blood vessels to relax. Sitting or standing for long periods makes the blood “pool” and increase the pressure within the veins.(Remedy.. Items 2..the reactive movement of pockets springs have a massage effect and just like in a massage the blood flow is improved therefore reducing the effect of “pooling”.)
  5. SPD (Symphysis pubis dysfunction) Also known as Pelvic girdle pain. Typically pain at the back of the pelvis or hip along with a grinding or clicking sensation in the pubic area. Pain down the inside of thighs or between legs. (Remedy…Items 2,3,6 & 9 the pockets springs are softer and more supportive than standard foam filled chairs reducing pressure on the pelvic girdle, inflatable lumbar will support the increasing lordosis for better posture and the extra memory topper gives a softer overall feel to the seat. The optional coccyx cut-out supported by pocket springs will take all pressure off the coccyx area)
  6. Reduced mobility. Because of the increase in the size of the torso, mobility can be compromised and operating the controls of an office chair can be difficult as they are usually (on a conventional seat) difficult to reach over the arm of the chair. ( Remedy…Item 1… the micro controls are at seat level and therefore easily operated causing no mobility issues, unusually these controls can be fitted on either the right or left-hand side of the seat to suit the individual user)

Maternity Chair Client Testimonials

” WellbeingandErgonomics are a very knowledgeable and passionate company that is focused on their clients. We needed to find a chair that would make my partner more comfortable during her pregnancy. We spoke with Karim who helped us carry out a full DSE assessment to ensure that we got a custom-built and fit-for-purpose chair. We also got to customise its colours which was a real treat. The chair arrived and was super easy to put together. The quality was very obvious to see. This was a serious piece of kit. This is the best chair we’ve ever had and more importantly, supports a pregnant lady in all the right places. This was a great experience from start to finish. A very professional company with excellent customer service from start to finish”. Martin Wroe