How beneficial is it to use a monitor arm to avoid neck injuries?

Using a monitor arm can be beneficial in reducing the risk of neck injuries caused by prolonged use of a computer. 

A monitor arm allows you to adjust the height and angle of your monitor, so you can position it at the proper height and distance from your eyes. This can help reduce the strain on your neck and shoulders caused by looking down at a monitor that is too low or too far away.

A monitor arm can also help you to maintain a more natural posture while working, which can reduce the risk of back and shoulder pain. By positioning the monitor at the right height and angle, you can keep your head and neck in a neutral position, rather than hunching forward or tilting your head to see the screen.

Additionally, monitor arm also can help to free up desk space, and can make it easier to share your screen with others or to use multiple monitors.

It is important to note that, using a monitor arm is just one of the steps to improve ergonomics in the office, it should be used in conjunction with other ergonomic practices such as taking regular breaks, stretching, and maintaining a proper posture.