Back in a snowy January 2021, I fell on my coccyx while kicking the ball for the dog! Months later, it still hurts! Less so now that I’m sitting on one of Karim’s incredible bespoke chairs! The last 34 years of working as a photographer have taken its toll. I carry heavy equipment now and suffer from back pain and sciatica, not helped by sitting at my Mac editing pictures on a terrible old chair with poor posture! I connected with Karim over lockdown, and secretly I stalked him (in the best possible way) and eagerly read his posts on bespoke made-to-measure orthopaedic chairs. Recently, I contacted Karim to discuss an ergonomic coccyx chair advertised on his amazing website. We also chatted about sit-stand desks, but he saw that my space was unsuitable for such a solution. Karim also advised me to free up space by using a shorter keyboard. Karim is a delight to talk to, very patient, understanding and definitely knows his stuff! I had my initial zoom consultation with Karim to work out my needs. This was followed by detailed measurements, such as length of my back, length of forearms, etc. Karim even joined a zoom call to watch my husband do the measurements, as we were a tad worried that we would not do them correctly. The hardest part of the whole process was deciding on the colour scheme!! The chair arrived very quickly, very high quality workmanship with many adjustments and was extremely easy to put together! The result? I am now pain-free and I love sitting in my bespoke chair! It really has changed my life as before I was sitting on a terrible chair that had to be at least 30 years old! Thank you Karim for making sitting at my desk for hours editing, now an absolute joy! Karim is a wonderful chap and I highly recommend connecting with him and he can help you with all sorts of ergo situations!

I recently bought a laptop stand and ergonomic chair from Karim and have been really impressed by the quality and design of both products. Karim was helpful throughout the process and offered great advice and guidance on choosing the right chair for my needs. He has helped make my home office much more comfortable and I no longer have back pain from an uncomfortable chair. Thanks Karim!

I honestly can't say enough good things about my new desk and branded chair! It's only been set up a matter of days and I can already feel the difference! Karim undertakes a thorough risk assessment before making recommendations and the bespoke chair is a delight. I'm using the rise and fall desk more whilst on my feet and it really makes a difference not sitting down all of the time If you're spending more time home working you really shouldn't put up with the dining room chair and table. Get in contact with Karim and he'll make sure that your equipment suits your needs 100%.

Having been 6 ft 5 tall for a while now and suffered back aches with cheap IKEA chairs. Having met Karim, he was awesome at taking all the required measurements I needed to produce my branded chair and stand up desk. He went the extra mile to install it. One of the best purchases I have made in business, along with informing me of the 125% tax break which was nice. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Karim to any of my network!!

I would recommend Karim’s service and products. I had been working from home using various chairs and table set ups which was causing discomfort and back pain. Karim provided a full consultation service to ensure I received the correct advice and products for me. My new height adjustable electric desk, chair, footrest and laptop stand work perfectly. It has made a MASSIVE difference to my health and well-being and may have even improved my golf game. 😀

I thoroughly recommend working with Karim to explore your ergonomic office needs, best suited to what your body needs as well as your budget. It has been a pleasure for me to do so. Karim really took the time to listen to what I needed and wanted, asked helpful questions and then explored options to come up with the right one for me. He stayed in touch every step of the way, talked me through everything, checked the measurements I'd sent in, all to ensure that the chair I received was just what I needed. He also helped me set it up properly. It's the most comfortable I've ever been at a desk! I love sitting in my new chair, whether to work on the computer, write, read and even meditate. Karim is very friendly and helpful and listens well. I'm looking forward to being able to purchase my sit/stand desk set up next.

I was in contact via Karim as we are in one of the same networking groups. I learnt about his office furniture offerings he sells and wanted to follow-up, as like many of us, I needed to have a home-office recently. The experience was fantastic, as remotely, via video call, we looked at the space I had, and then Karim advised me on what would work in that space. Not only that, he indicated what products I should go for, and even how to arrange the space to achieve an optimum solution. This optimum solution was also NOT his most expensive products, as he advised me to take the approach of taking the right products for the space, not the right products for his business! I've had the custom made chair and the desk now for a couple of months, and they've made a real difference to my comfort and indeed, were the right product. I would very much recommend Karim and his business if you are in the market to equip a home office, or indeed, bigger space, as it was all high quality and the personal touch during the process of working out what was the right thing for me, was excellent.

Fuzzy Duck is a Design Studio and with any business where employees have to work long hours on screens, posture needs to be discussed. Karim was a revelation coming in to the studio to custom fit chairs to our Creative's requirements. Working in animation, film, design or programming is and should be a fun job but working through back-pain is no fun for anyone. With Karim's fitted chairs but also his knowledge and support, members of our team have been able to reverse some long-term health issues and are back enjoying coming in to work again.

Karim was really helpful when I needed a new typing chair. I was having problems as my old chair was very hard and causing pressure when I sat. As an author, I use a keyboard a lot, so having a good chair is important to me. The new chair is really comfortable and extremely well padded and adjusts in all kinds of ways. Plus it's been upholstered in my brand colour - great.

I suffer from an autoimmune disorder and was uncomfortable sitting for long periods. Spoke with Karim, he was fantastic to work with. After my DSE Assessment, a chair was suggested to me. My new chair helps with a better position when working for extended periods of time. The chair is customised to my needs and very supportive. Being able to match the colours to my brand was an added bonus.

After starting to recognise the importance of having a good quality chair that supported my back, I had a chat with Karim about my options. He gave me recommendations personalised to me and I the end result is I have a fully adjustable, supportive chair in my brand colours! Karim was happy to guide me through how to adjust the chair, including the more secret ones. Who knew you could adjust a chair in so many ways! Thanks for all your help Karim. If you're looking for a new office chair I recommend you have a chat with Karim.

Karim and I got talking following a post where I had asked for recommendations on a Sit-Stand desk. It was a pleasure to work with Karim in choosing the products I need for the new office. He kindly guided me through which products would be suitable and completed the set-up in the office. His expertise and advice were great, I would recommend Karim to anyone looking for an ergonomic office set-up.

As a video editor, Karim helped solve the issue I had which was working long hours at a rather uncomfortable desk. We discussed what I needed sorting and he was able to fix the issue quickly and efficiently by providing an electric sit/stand desk as well as a much more ergonomic chair. Couldn't recommend him enough.

Karim supplied me with a fantastic ergonomic chair, which has been brilliant, office chairs need to have specific support for posture needs. For me it has made a significant difference to sitting correctly, I never have backache or neck problems, no matter how long I have been sitting at my desk. Karim gave me great advice and exceptional customer service. I would recommend investing in specific chairs for all employees, as it is such an important part of working and wellbeing, especially if you are sitting for long periods of time.

The Service we Received from was Outstanding From Start To Finish and WellbeingandErgonomics is Highly Recommended

I have now had the pleasure of buying TWO products from Karim, and both are of the highest quality and standard. Firstly I purchased the 'standing desk', which is exceptionally well designed and is incredibly easy to put together. It has not only made a difference from a health perspective, but also when delivering training and presentations. Secondly I purchased a bespoke chair which is in our company colours! Again, it is of the highest quality and designed beautifully. But it is not only the quality of the products that make them stand out, it is the attention to detail in the service that Karim provides. Always on hand to offer advice and guidance to select the product that is right for the customer, and he was there when I needed some advice about the best kind of chair for me. The aftercare was also on point, with Karim offering to walk me through how best to adjust the chair so I get maximum benefit from it! In a word, exceptional. I can not recommend Karim and his products highly enough.

Karim "The Chair-Man" was just amazing in how he engaged with kindness and patience with my son Rupert who has cerebral palsy, complex special needs and a host of other neuro-diverse challenges. Rupert uses his laptop a lot because he likes to play his games and I’ve been concerned for ages that it would be detrimental to his health. At the initial consultation, Karim explained everything to me about how the desking system and chair could benefit Rupert’s posture, health and well-being. After Rupert's 360-degree DSE and Risk Assessment Karim came up with a creative solution for Rupert's Ergonomic Workstation Solution. Rupert is loving his new sit/stand desk which is great. Rupert chose the same chair colours as his beloved Manchester United and is absolutely thrilled with it and also the double screen set up for his gaming. I know Karim has done a lot of creative, research and safety work behind the scene to come up with the right solution to meet my son's workstation needs. I cannot recommend Karim and his products highly enough, he really cares and that shows via his enthusiasm and service. Thank you Karim.

We spoke with Karim who helped us carry out a full DSE assessment to ensure that we got a custom-built and fit-for-purpose chair during my pregnancy. We got to customise its colours which was a real treat. The chair arrived and was super easy to put together. The quality was very obvious to see. This is the best chair I've ever had and more importantly, it was so comfortable during my pregnancy - and it still is now. This was a great experience from start to finish. A very professional company with excellent customer service - thank you.

As a HR support business that work with over 130 local companies it's no surprise that we come across employees that struggle with their back, shoulders or neck due to using the wrong equipment. Quite recently we engaged Karim to work with one our clients employees who was having problems which could have led to long periods of sick leave if left. Karim came in and fully assessed the requirements of the employee and developed a chair specific to the individual. Not only was the chair delivered in good time, Karim came back and trained the employee exactly how to use it and change the settings to ensure that it was right for him. Karim is so knowledgeable on this subject and is very thorough and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend him to other clients.

I asked Karim to help improve my working setup, and he really transformed my working experience. After a consultation via Zoom and examining my environment, Karim made a slew of recommendations and worked with me to find out what worked for me. My new working environment is a revelation! With a few small changes and a fantastic new chair, Karim transformed my working environment, having a huge impact on my work and my after-work health. Karim's a great guy, knows his stuff, and is a force for good.

I've known Karim through various networking events and he is incredibly knowledgeable of his subject matter - and friendly too. His pre & after sales care is second to none. We recently bought a chair from Karim for my business partner, and I was so jealous of the quality & workmanship I had to invest in one for myself too, it's super comfy and fits me 'like a glove'. And now I have desk on order too. If you truly care about your staff (or your personal) well-being then you will do no wrong engaging with Karim.

There aren’t any words that could do working with Karim justice. I can wholeheartedly say I’ve never had an experience working with someone like the experience Karim has given me. Not only has his chair changed my life, because I no longer have back pain, but he truly went above and beyond to make sure that my experience was the best. I only hope that my clients walk away from working with me feeling the same way I do working with Karim. Thank you for everything Karim. I appreciate you so much. You have no idea!

We got in touch with Karim to see if he could assist one of our law firm clients and provide advice on a suitable chair for an employee suffering with back problems. He responded quickly and booked an appointment to see the client and employee. He kept us updated on the progress. Very efficient and friendly service!