Client's employee was suffering from severe MSD Issues...

WellbeingandErgonomics was invited by one of the HR companies to help their client’s employee who was suffering from severe MSD Neck pain (Cervical C5-C7) Shoulders Pain, Middle Back and Lower Back (Lumbar L1 – L5).

The employee has been to a few physiotherapy sessions, but it didn’t help as much as it was expected.

One of our DSE Assessors carried out an extensive assessment of the employee to find out the root cause of the problem. 

Our DSE Assessor has found that the employee’s chair was one of the reasons for the severe back problems.

The screens weren’t set correctly, which was causing neck and shoulder aches/pains.


“I have found WellbeingandErgonomics’s help and advice to be very useful. The assessor quickly understood my back and neck issues, and through their expertise. I was able to understand the issues better myself. The new chair itself is very comfortable and supports me in sitting with good posture, unlike the previous one, which actively made it harder. The wide range of adjustability in the chair, means I can make sure my lumbar, neck and arms are supported well, which I particularly value.”


After Assessment

After an hour consultation with the employee, our DSE Assessor recommended a few changes to be made to the employee’s workstation to improve his posture and overall well-being. 

We designed an ergonomic office chair with a high level of adjustability, a ratchet backrest with lumbar support, a pocket spring seat with a seat slide function, a 4D armrest, a headrest/neck roll etc…

We adjusted the screens to the right viewing height, depth and angle to improve on neck and shoulder posture. 

Before and After pictures demonstrated how we have improved employee quality of life through better ergonomics.

We offer different levels of HSE compliant DSE Assessments, online and face to face.  

“As an HR support business we work with over 130 local companies, it’s no surprise that we come across employees that struggle with their back, shoulders or neck due to using the wrong equipment. Quite recently, we engaged WellbeingandErgonomics to work with one of our client’s employees who was having problems which could have led to long periods of sick leave if left.

One of the DSE Assessors came in and fully assessed the requirements of the employee and developed a chair specific to the individual. Not only was the chair delivered in good time, but the assessor came back and trained the employee exactly how to use it and change the settings to ensure that it was right for him.

WellbeingandErgonomics are so knowledgeable on this subject and are very thorough and professional. I would not hesitate to recommend them to other clients.

Nigel Finch (HR Support)

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