Employee Pregnancy Assessment

WellbeingandErgonomics was invited to carry out an ergonomic workstation assessment for a pregnant employee at a reputed law firm.

The employee was 22 weeks pregnant and was suffering from MSD (Musculoskeletal disorder) in the region of Lumbar (Conus Medullaris, Cauda Equina and Disc) L1 to L5 and Sacral S1 to S2. This is very common during pregnancy, but her current chair was adding more pain to her back.  

She was suffering from other MSD issues in the neck, shoulders, arms, hands and wrists regions. 

During our assessment, we found many health and safety issues in her workstation setup.  


After Assessment

Our ergonomic/occupational health expert carried out an extensive assessment of the employee workstation. 

As you can see that we have made a world of difference in employee’s workstation. 

We corrected the employee’s posture by giving her the best ergonomic chair designed to use before and after maternity. The chair can also be used by another member of staff due to all the adjustability in the chair. It is a great sustainable solution. To improve her neck and shoulder posture, we mounted her monitor on a dynamic single monitor arm.

We also corrected her sitting position. Before, she was sitting diagonally, so we aligned her sitting position in line with the monitor. Everything now is within her easy reach, and also we have created a great sense of space.

Maternity Chair

The employee’s old chair failed our DSE / Occupational Health assessment for many health and safety reasons. 

Scientifically proven that during pregnancy, the spine alters. Hence, the task chair must be designed to provide the best comfortable sitting.

After the employee’s extensive assessment, WellbeingandErgonomics designed a fully adjustable ergonomic chair to improve the employee’s posture, safety and well-being.

The new ergonomic chair included a height adjustable backrest with built-in lumbar support, pocket spring seat with seat slide function and coccyx cut-out with insertion pad, 4d armrests, 3 lever heavy-duty mechanism a few to mention.

At WellbeingandErgonomics we designed all types of office ergonomic chairs for workplace and home office use.

"Firstly, I would like to say thank you for the assessment and the equipment that was installed. I am very happy with everything and feel like this will make a massive difference. You have provided a professional service and I feel like my needs have been met. It has been a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the card – it is such a nice thought."


Carpal Tunnel

The employee reported that she was feeling pain in her wrist and hands. Technically, she was suffering from Carpal Tunnel.

We replaced her standard mouse with an ergonomic vertical mouse to reduce discomfort.

Enhancing Desk Space

Not only that we improve employee’s health and well-being through our assessment process, but we increase desk space through our creative solutions.

"WellbeingandErgonomics provided a fantastic maternity assessment to one of our employees. The assessment was very effective, informative and the employee is benefiting from it. WellbeingandErgonomics recommended ergonomic products to include ergonomic chair, monitor arm and a vertical mouse."

Hr department

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