Our workplace well-being days for employees are designed to improve and enhance employee's quality of life through awareness and interactive training programmes. This then benefits your business through increased productivity and reduced absenteeism/presenteeism in your workplace.

The training programme are designed to empower your employees, for them to take control of their mental health and well-being in the workplace and at home.

Every well-being session is delivered by industry experts through interactive activities and open discussion.

We do not bore employees through PowerPoint presentations. We believe employees learn better when they interact.

Well-being event includes

  • Stress Management
  • Mental Health Talks
  • Mindfulness Training
  • ADHD and Neurodiversity activities
  • Ergonomic Training (DSE Compliant)
  • EFT Tapping for Anxiety Relief
  • Strength and Mindset Training
  • Health Check
  • Nutrition Training
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Exercises and Stretches 
  • Relaxing Massages
  • Online Eye Screening
  • Productivity Techniques
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Stress Relief Massage

Regular massages can help prevent or minimise musculoskeletal issues, such as repetitive strain injuries or chronic pain, that can result from poor ergonomics or long hours spent at a desk. By addressing these concerns proactively, massages can contribute to long-term employee health and well-being.

When employees are stressed or experience discomfort, it can negatively impact their productivity. Regular massages can enhance blood circulation, relieve muscle soreness, and increase energy levels, allowing employees to focus better and work more efficiently.

  • Stress reduction
  • Improved Productivity
  • Pain relief
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Preventative care
  • relaxation and rejuvenation

We also organise quarterly massage services at your office. Get in touch 0161 726 5007.

WellbeingandErgonomics - Office Massage

Eye Screening Test

Eye exams can provide valuable insights into your overall health. Certain eye conditions or abnormalities can be associated with systemic health conditions like diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune disorders, and high cholesterol. By detecting these eye-related signs, your eye doctor may suggest further evaluation or refer you to a specialist for comprehensive health management.

Eye tests can detect various eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and refractive errors like near-sightedness or far-sightedness. Detecting these conditions early can enable prompt treatment and management, potentially preventing vision loss or further complications.

At the well-being event, we carry out an online eye screening test for employees and provide a personalised, confidential report sent to their work email address. The report will give pass or fail results and based on the outcome employees should book an eye test through workplace EAP programme.

Nutrition Training

A well-balanced diet contributes to physical health and reduces the risk of chronic diseases such as obesity, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain cancers, and osteoporosis. Essential nutrients support the proper growth, development, and maintenance of bodily functions, organs, and tissues.

  • Energy and vitality
  • Physical health
  • Immune system function
  • Weight management
  • Digestive health
  • Bone health
  • Longevity and quality of life

Strength Training

Employee strength training refers to incorporating strength training exercises into the workplace as part of an employee wellness or fitness program. It involves providing opportunities for employees to engage in resistance training activities to improve their muscular strength, endurance, and overall physical fitness. Here are some benefits and considerations of implementing employee strength training program. Benefits of Employee Strength Training

  • Improved physical health

  • Increased productivity

  • Stress reduction

  • Enhanced job satisfaction

  • Team building and camaraderies

  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation

Mini Health Check and Assessment

  • Early detection of hypertension
  • Promotes awareness and education
  • Encourages proactive health management
  • Identifies cardiovascular risk factors
  • Stress reduction and employee well-being
  • Improved productivity and reduced absenteeism

Cost savings: Managing chronic conditions like hypertension can be costly for both individuals and organisations. By identifying and managing high blood pressure early, workplace blood pressure checks can help prevent complications, reduce healthcare costs, and potentially lower insurance premiums for both employees and employers.

DSE Compliant Ergonomic Training

WellbeingandErgonomics DSE-compliant ergonomic training is designed to educate employees on proper ergonomics and provide them with the knowledge and skills to set up their workstations correctly. Here are some key aspects and benefits of DSE-compliant ergonomic training in the workplace

  • Understanding ergonomics
  • Proper workstation setup
  • Preventing musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs)
  • Increased comfort and productivity
  • Injury prevention and reduced absenteeism
  • Behavioural Changes and long-term benefits
  • Compliance with legal requirements

"WellbeingandErgonomics came in to our work on a wellbeing day. Gave loads of time and advice on eyesight and ergonomics for the office. Helped adjust my desk area to make it more comfortable and supportive. Would recommend getting in touch."

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Above are some of the examples of what involves in our Workplace Well-being events, but we can do a lot more. 

Let’s design a bespoke Employees Well-being Event at your workplace. 

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