Our Chairs Collection

At WellbeingandErgonomics we believe in quality over quantity. We love producing a chair which is made for you only.
Our process to get you a right chair is very easy and simple. Just complete the form below.

W&E Sculpt Ergonomic Chair (Customisable)

Original price was: £500.00.Current price is: £440.00. Ex. VAT

W&E Physica Ergonomic Chair

Original price was: £850.00.Current price is: £799.00. Ex. VAT

W&E Orthopaedia® Ergonomic Chair

Original price was: £950.00.Current price is: £830.00. Ex. VAT

W&E OrthoDura Ergonomic Chair

Original price was: £799.00.Current price is: £699.00. Ex. VAT
HAVANA PUK09 (Jet Black)
OCEAN PUK10 (Royal Blue)
SCUBA PUK82 (Blue)
COSTA PUK26 (Dark Navy)
TAROT PUK84 (Dark Purple)
BELIZE YP105 (Red)
SLIP PUK49 (Light Grey)
OSUMI PUK71 (Grey)
BLIZZARD PUK81 (Dark Grey)

W&E Omega Ergonomic Chair

Original price was: £850.00.Current price is: £749.99. Ex. VAT

W&E Domus Ergonomic Chair (Customisable)

Original price was: £325.00.Current price is: £280.00. Ex. VAT

W&E Domus Ergonomic Chair

Original price was: £425.00.Current price is: £375.00. Ex. VAT

W&E Atlas Ergonomic Chair

Original price was: £749.99.Current price is: £679.99. Ex. VAT

Customers reviews

"Since I started using one of your “Orthopaedia” chairs 4 years ago, I do not suffer with backache anymore. Long may you continue to make them. Thank you.”
Helen, H
Occupational Health Services
"Your products are really special, and I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anybody. I simply could not work without your Ortho 6. I think your products are great."
Orthopaedia user
AT, Manager
"The high quality, durable specialist spring design chair, with it's fully adjustable range of settings, was in my opinion, superior to any design I have previously encountered".
Chris Booth
Occupational Health Advisor

A great customised ergonomic chair starts with an expert assessment.

Please fill in the short form below to start the process of your new customised ergonomic chair. Your assessor will be required more detail in order to understand your current pain points and your requirement. The full assessment form is available to download here, which you can pre-fill prior to your assessment.
All information requested is only to help decide which chair is most suitable for your needs and is strictly confidential.


How your chair is made?

Your chair is made in the UK by experts who are making top quality ergonomic chairs for the last 50 years for general home and office use and to accommodate specialised needs. Your chair is made with expertise and experience of decades using the finest materials and products.

DSE Assessment

A good supportive chair is a long-term investment in your health and wellbeing, whether at home or at your workplace. We strongly believe that the buying process should start with a DSE Assessment, carried out by one of our experienced assessors. The assessment will provide important postural advice to help you select the right chair for you and your current workplace. This process will not only identify the correct chair that will suit you and your ergonomic needs but also identify any other areas that may need attention and provide good postural advice.

Buying a standard chair without a DSE Assessment may look a comfortable and easy option, but will it provide the correct level of support to your posture in the long term?

Buy Once Buy Right.

Fabric and Trim selection to match your personality and style

We love making chairs that match your style and personality. We have an extensive range of fabrics with an even wider range of colours to choose from that will fit your surroundings perfectly whether at work or in the home.

Importantly all our fabrics conform to current fire regulations ensuring your health and safety.

Making chair is an art

Based on your DSE Assessment the chair maker will carefully upholstered your chair, constantly checking your measurements provided on the DSE Assessment form.  

Fully Hand Assembled

We hand assemble and test every chair we manufacture with great attention to detail. Every moving part is checked for correct function and specifications are finally checked against the DSE recommendations ensuring that you will have the best comfortable ergonomic chair for your needs.

Quality Check

Your beautiful designed ergonomic chair (like in the picture) will be fully quality check prior sending to you. All the measurement will be double check by the DSE Assessor to ensure it meets all the standards and quality.